Aries February 2013 horoscope

Aries February  2013 horoscope

Last 30 days the planetary strength was absolutely forward – there were times when 100% of the planet's were forward (highly unusual). This pattern carries on in the 30 days forward. Success is fast. Actions happen quickly. 90% of the planet's area forward. The only exemption is the professional world. Saturn, which went retrograde delayed last 30 days – Jan 24. This is just as well, as by now you have obtained your significant professional objectives for the interval, and can move to learning factors more. Career changes need more preparation. No hurry now to leap into factors. Get all information and take care of all questions. You are still in a powerful professional interval, but not as powerful as the last 30 days. This 30 days your concentration changes to your public interaction – connections, categories, companies, team activities and also relationship. Later in the 30 days – of the nineteenth forward – your concentration changes again, this time to religious techniques.

Love is still being examined, but is much enhanced. Your associate, associate or current really like is also very committed, and seems to back up your professional objectives. This is each 30 days where you interact socially with high-status individuals – and they are beneficial in professional issues, too. You have been in a pattern favorable to accomplish professional objectives by public means for more than a year now, but this 30 days seem especially powerful for this. Be present at the right events – and consider web host events as well. Your public connections are probably more important now than your actual capabilities. These connections open up the right gates.

Singles find really like the possibilities as they engage in their professional objectives or with individuals engaged in their profession. Power attracts you. Love is realistic these days, as if it's a new profession, a job. Loving the feeling seems to have little to do with it. Thus single men and women can have office-type romances during this interval – with managers or superiors. Current connections seem chilly and technical – everyone does their responsibility (celebrates the wedding or wedding, says 'I really like you' in a technical way, delivers the right cards, etc.) but the ignition of interest seems losing. You will have to ignite this on your own – venture more comfort towards others.

Sun journeys together with your leader, Mars from the 1st to the fifteenth. This is a wonderful health element. You have more energy and fitness capability. More individual charm. For single men and women, this reveals a relationship (not something serious). It reveals fortune in rumors and improved individual creativeness. Aries of appropriate age are very rich during this interval. But you need to watch your mood and prevent hurry and hurry.

The Sun's association with Neptune from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth delivers religious advancements, insights^and knowing. Also Mars conjunct with Neptune from the twentieth to the 22.

Avoid international travel (if possible) from the Nineteenth to the Twenty eighth. If you can, reschedule.

Finances are excellent this 30 days. Your financial reasoning is clean and audio. You get value for your lb. You have an excellent long-term viewpoint on prosperity. Also you have the favor of 'higher ups', who seem beneficial.