Leo October 2013 Horoscope

Leo October 2013 Horoscope
This 30 days (and this was the case the last 30 days as well). You have a 'splash'-type graphic design. This means that the planet's is pretty much spread all over the graph. This reveals that many, many passions draw attention away from you. It is more challenging to hold your concentration than regular. Normally you are quite a targeted kind of individual, but now concentrating is more challenging -you have to work at it.

Career is still important, and will be so for the relaxation of the year, but most of the planet's are below the skyline. Your 4th house is soon – after the twenty third – becoming highly effective. A clear message: concentrate on close relatives and house. Do whatever needs to be done to sustain close relatives and household balance (as well as individual psychological harmony). Your household members world, Pluto, has been retrograde for years, but last 30 days (on the 16th) it started to progress again. Very wonderful moment. The choices you are likely to make will be excellent. There is quality in this area of life.

When the 4th house is highly effective, people love the easy treats of house and fireplace – easy close relatives events, eating in, being a dedicated dad, mum or child. Leo is generally the 'night owl' – the party individual. But this interval you are more demure. The easy treats – rather than cabarets or gambling houses – are attractive.

After the 9th your religious object is close relatives members – to be there for them. On a more ordinary level, you are working more from housing. Professional possibilities come through close relatives members or close relatives relationships – financial possibilities as well.

For many several weeks now, the southern industry of your astrology has been the prominent one. You have been in an interval of individual freedom. You could have (and probably have had) factors your own way. You have designed new (and hopefully better) circumstances for yourself. Now it's about a chance to 'road test' these. On the twenty third, planetary power once again changes to the European, public industry. It has taken a few several weeks creating individual initiative; now it's about a chance of growing your public abilities. Personal action can only do so much; you need the elegance of others to accomplish your success. It's more challenging to change circumstances now. Adjustment as well as you can with what is. (This is known as 'paying karma', excellent or bad.)

Your 3rd house of interaction and perceptive passions is still highly effective until the twenty third – the styles that we had written in the last 30 days are still in impact.

Health becomes more sensitive after the twenty third as well. Overall your wellness is excellent, but this is not one of your best times. Do what you can and then relax more. The problem now is that Mars is in your own indication. You might be forcing your body beyond its boundaries.

Mars in your own indication has many excellent factors, however. An instructor, expert or tutor is coming to you. There are travel possibilities. You have more bravery and drive. Fitness capability is improved. You get factors done very quickly.

Mind your mood and your style. You could be providing of energy that seems competitive to others.