Libra November 2013 Horoscope

Libra November 2013 Horoscope
Last 30 days there was another essential movement of planetary power – now from the higher to the lower half of your astrology. It is sundown in your season. External actions, professional passions, dreams have been achieved; now it's about. Here we are at the actions of the night. A chance to go home after an awesome everyday performance and see your household members, make balance in close relatives members group and collect yourself your efforts for the next day – which will take place in goal of next season. Sensation right is now more essential than doing right. Family issues become more essential than profession. Psychological ~ inner balance – is more essential than pay increases, special offers and reputation. This is as it should be. You will still have your profession – that is not over. It is no more over than when you go to sleep for the night. This is merely a stop.

Having said this, you will have more energy and passion for professional actions from the 1st to the tenth and from the 26th forward – the times when the celestial satellite waxes.

You are still in an annually economic optimum. Thus, regardless of what is occurring in your profession, you still seem flourishing. Your financial situation does not seem impacted. For the twenty third your short-term economic targets are obtained, and now it is on to other passions – perceptive passions – the care and providing of your thoughts. Yes, your psychological system IS a system – though on a simple stage of being – and it has its needs. And this is a chance to deal with it. Provide it with the right food, excellent guides, guidelines, reliable information. Provide it with performance out – take programs in topics that interest you. Use it to make upcoming programs and to analyze your romantic life, homework and academic programs. Some people like to practice mentally stimulating games or reasoning problems as psychological performance out. But there are many other methods to perform out the brain. Thoughts need the right concept, to – thus it is excellent to talk about your information and concepts with others. Instructors and learners should be more effective this 30 days.

There is a solar power surpass on the twenty fifth that happens in your 3rd house. This is it all solar power surpass this season (and the ultimate one). This surpass is harmless to you, but drinks up the world at large (read the magazines during this period and you will see what we mean). For Learners (below school level), this delivers changes in academic programs. There are upheavals in your local community and with neighbors, or in the lifestyles of neighbors and friends (or those who are like friends to you). This surpass is almost a do it again in the lunar surpass of July 15 – except the Sun, not the celestial satellite, is the surpassed world. There are shake-ups in categories or companies you are part of, and impressive activities in the lifestyles of your friends. This surpass will test your car, interactive equipment, computer systems and high-tech gadgetry. These things are great when they are functional, but when they go on the flicker …

You and your associate, associate or current really like are participating on an economic stage after the 26th. It seems to perform both methods. You are assisting each other. Each helps the other in need.