Aries February 2014 Horoscope

Aries February 2014 Horoscope

Profession is still effective and a significant concentration, but the attention is removal somewhat. Usually this is because many short-term objectives have been obtained and it's now a chance to pay attention to other factors. Since the nineteenth of last 30 days, your llth home of buddies has been highly effective and this carries on until the eighteenth of this 30 days. You are in a highly effective public interval, but it's not actually a loving interval. It's more about the relationship and team actions. Your knowing of technological innovation improves this 30 days, and when Venus goes into your eleventh home on the 2nd, you seem to be investing on hi-tech devices.

Planetary strength is absolutely ahead. Until the eighteenth, all the planet's is continuing to shift ahead. Thus, this is a great interval for beginning new tasks or releasing new items – the Tenth to the Eighteenth is the perfect time (the celestial satellite will be in her wax cycle).

On the eighteenth work globe, Saturn, begins to retrograde. If you need to settle with managers or the govt or create other essential career choices, it's best to do this before this time frame.

The financial situation of your associate, association or present really like seem enhanced this 30 days, but he or she is not out of the timber. There needs to be a re-organization and reorientating there.

This 30 days is a religious type of 30 days. Mars, your judgment globe, goes into your twelfth home of spiritual techniques on the 2nd. From the 3rd to the 5th, it will be journey (conjunct) with your religious globe Neptune. On the 5th, Mercury will shift into the Twelfth House; on the eighteenth the Sun will shift into this home, and on the 26th Venus will be a part of the celebration. This is monthly for spiritual-type developments. The Unseen globe is very near to you and uncommonly effective in your matters. This is an interval for paranormal types of encounters – synchronicities, enhanced ESP and prophetic-type objectives. Those of you on a religious direction will be outstanding improvement this 30 days, and many of you will actually encounter the factors that you are studying about in guides or listening to at the lessons or workshops.

When Mars is conjunct with Neptune (from the 3rd to the 5th), it's best to prevent liquor or medication. You are normally high that interval and these factors could put you over the advantage. Instinct will be distinct all 30 days, but especially that interval.

The factor of water will be very highly effective all 30 days. But especially after the 18th; 60% and sometimes 70% of the planet's will be in water symptoms. Thus, people around you will be much more delicate than regular. They will respond to apparently unimportant factors – speech shades, human body gestures and facial movement. Take more proper care with other individuals' emotions now, especially those of kids.